Trail Orienteering Triathlon in Ventspils As part of the European Sport Week in Ventspils, Latvia, from September 27 to 28, orienteering competitions took place with the following program: September 27 Celebrating the Latvian Night Orienteering Festival, in Ventspils was a Trail-O competition in Pre-O courses in the dark time of the day "Mēnesnīcas taka’2019" (Moonlight Trail '2019). September 28 Open competition in Trail-O Triathlon "Paralympic Cup “Ventspils ’2019”" Orienteering triathlon consisted of the following types of orienteering competitions: 1) Pre-O from a narrow-gauge train “Mazbānītis” (“Small Train”); 2) Photo orienteering; 3) Pre-O long course. About Pre-O from a narrow-gauge train “Mazbānītis” The narrow-gauge train travels at a speed of about 8-10 km / h The participant is sitting in train and working with a map. When a participant sees the control flag in the nature, the participant identifies it. Each task has one control flag. So, the answer can be only one of two - "A" or "Z" The narrow-gauge railway wagons are hauled by a steam locomotive manufactured in 1916.; About Photo orienteering At start, the competitor receives a map showing the route with arrows. There are several photos on the back of this map. Each photo has one or more questions. The answers to these questions can only be found by following the route on the map.